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Eagle Action Sportz, LLC. | Veteran Business Highlight


Name:  Cody Abadie 

Name of Business:  Eagle Action Sportz LLC. 

What branch of the military did you serve in?  U.S. Navy  

Why did you choose that branch?  

My grandpa served in the Navy during WW2 and Korea. I wanted to continue a legacy.

What was your rank:  

Petty Officer 3rd class

What did you do? 

 I was an Aviation Ordinanceman that worked in the armory on board the USS John C. Stennis. I trained sailors with small arms and crew served weapons. I also worked with torpedoes.  

How long were you in? 

5 years

Where did you serve?  

On board the USS John C. Stennis CVN74 homeported out of Bremerton WA.

What were 3 things you learned while in the service that serve you well today in your life as a business owner?  

I learned operational risk management, which taught me how to assess risks and decide the best and safest route. 

I learned integrity is one of the most desirable traits a person can have coupled with work ethic. 

I also learned that working hard gets you places if it is noticed. 

How did the Mississippi SBDC assist you? 

The Mississippi SBDC helped me create a watertight business plan. They helped myself and my partners assess the area and our area’s needs. They also assisted in helping us network and get our name out in the area. 

What would you say to other veterans thinking of starting a business?  

Starting off can be hard. However, with proper discipline and motivation coupled with creativity, you can make your dreams come true. It definitely takes patience, innovation, and discipline to make to make it in the business world.

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